Our Services

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • ​​​​​​​Floor Shining

  • Floor Waxing
  • Floor Stripping
  • Floor Polishing
  • Floor Smoothing
  • Floor Scrubbing
  • Industrial & Office​​​​​​​ Cleaning 
  • Retail Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning
  • Emergency Cleaning​​​​​​​
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Available All Year, Anytime
  • Everyday Cleaning
  • Weekly & Monthly Cleanup
  • One-off Deep Cleaning
  • Post Construction Clean-ups
  • Power Washing

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Exceptional disinfection and cleaning. Convenient service and comprehensive sanitation for your home or business!



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We deliver trusted, quality service

We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services to meet all your needs, from basic everyday cleaning to more intensive deep cleaning. Whether you’re looking for a one-time service or ongoing maintenance, our experienced team is here to help. We provide both commercial and residential services, as well as emergency services for those unexpected messes.

If you need cleaning or maintenance for your place, let us give you a free quote after a site check in-person or online.

San Francisco's Premier Cleaning & Disinfection Squad, Ready to Serve!

We always prioritize your property's appearance!

"Your property's appearance is our priority"

Throughout the years, we've refined our systematic strategy for both commercial and residential cleaning. We fully grasp our client's unique needs, enabling us to offer efficient, eco-friendly cleaning solutions completed on schedule, while building lasting relationships. What makes us different is that we show customers how green solutions can solve problems they didn't even know they had, helping to overcome any challenges.

Safe Cleaning Supplies

Genkezi Rehoboth Cleaning Services is dedicated to utilizing earth-friendly products, ensuring the well-being of individuals and pets.

Power-Saving Technology

Your property will take advantage of our energy-efficient technology, promising superior and enduring service.

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Customer Testimonials for Our Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Karen Roberts - Project Manager

Our client retention has improved, thanks to the comprehensive solution provided by Genkezi Rehoboth Cleaning.

Steven Brown - Community Manager

From the first encounter, they've transformed our office space remarkably!

Petra R. - Resident

My life quality has significantly improved. Now, when I come home, my only concern is what's for dinner.

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Genkezi Rehoboth Cleaning Process

Our cleaning company is staffed by seasoned professionals who are reliable and well-versed in their field. We invest time to comprehend your needs, delivering customized service that perfectly aligns with your specifications. Our dedication to superior quality is evident in every cleaning process we execute.

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1) Assessment: We start by understanding your specific cleaning needs and expectations for your commercial space.

2) Planning: Based on the assessment, we devise a customized cleaning plan, detailing the tasks to be performed.

3) Execution: Our experienced team then carries out the cleaning tasks efficiently, using eco-friendly products and power-saving technology.

4) Review: Finally, we ensure the quality of our work by conducting a thorough review, making sure all areas have been cleaned to your satisfaction.

Your property deserves the best and most experienced cleaners in town!

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Get professional commercial, residential, and emergency cleaning services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Why Choose Us?

We have over 10 years of experience providing commercial, residential, and emergency cleaning services to our clients across the Bay Area. Our skilled team of cleaners is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and maintaining the highest standards for quality and hygiene. We also offer competitive rates so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Who We Serve

We offer our high-quality cleaning services to many different places. This includes homes, apartments, shared living spaces, and condos. We also clean places like stores, office buildings, and showrooms. Plus, we take care of special places like daycare centers, airports, medical buildings, and convention centers. No matter where you are, we can handle your cleaning needs.